About Us :

             Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick in Bhowanipur (Kolkata) was established a century ago with only a handful of people and vision for perfection. But now it has emerged into a small scale industry and the best mithai shop of 2009 and 2010.(Times Of India )

             Though we emphasise on constant innovation we do not give away with the heritage of Bengali confectionery. The recipe of each item has been kept unchanged through all these years. The legendary sweets like sorrabri, sor bhaja, kachagolla, abarkhabo sandesh, mihidana, sitabhog, patisapta, lal misti doi, rossomalai and our most famous chanar payesh are still prepared the same way it was used to be prepared a century ago with the exactly same procedure utensils following the same recipes. We still follow the old age procedures, ingredients, and the original recipes that have been passed from one generation to the other.

             Trademark Bengali utensils like lohar petano kadai and kather taroo ( long wooden spatula 4 feet long made of shegun and saal wood ) are used to make sandesh. Fuel like charcoal is being still used to make some rare delicacies to give that subtle flavour. Pantua, darbesh, lancha, and above mentioned mihidana, sitabhog and all fried items are fried in desi ghee to give that royal taste.

             We give keen importance on procuring our raw materials and ingredients because it is the major aspect which decides the quality of the finished products. Compromise is never made on quality. Only branded materials or reliable old suppliers are entertained at our organisation. All the ingredients are always used fresh. Fruit pulps and pieces are used to make different varieties of sweets. Artificial colours and flavours are mostly avoided to maintain the hygienic value of all the products. Exotic fruits like alphanso, kiwi, Australian grapes, peaches, passion fruits, watermelons jackfruit, custard apples, lichies, Dargeeling oranges & tangerines are used in seasons to make some of our famous delicacies. The mangodoi is one of the most praised item made of fruit at our shop. Talking about ingredients and flavouring we use original Spanish kesar for taste and Kashmiri kesar large leafy ones are used for garnishing.

             Chocolates are heavily used to make a number of our fusion sweets. Chocolate covertures from famous Swiss-Belgian Company like Barry-Callebaut are only used.

             Melted chocolates, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, chocolate strands etc. are used extensively to make some of our famous chocolate items.

             A number of lost with time delicacies like monda, channapoda, danadar, katigaja has been revived and reintroduced.
We at Balaram prepare sweets in accordance with the season. In summer, when mangoes flood the market, you have the Aamer Sandesh made of mangoes, and without failure the Kanthal Sandesh which is made of jackfruit. These are made of the juice extracted from the respective fruits. If you want to order kanthal Sandesh, then just buy a kanthal( jackfruit) from the market and take it to us mentioning the size of the Sandesh and we will prepare it as per your order.

             In winter, we specialise in Nolengurer Jalbhora sandesh. Jalbhoras of bigger size are made to order. Besides, they also make Nolen Gur rossogollas in this season. We pride ourselves on Chhanar payesh and Chandani Kheer, Rosomalai and Rosogollas, as in any other sweet shop in Calcutta, is an absolute must in Bengali sweet tradition.

             Come winter and the Bengali hearts starts beating for nolen gurer sandesh and rossogolla, moa pulipithe and patisapta.
These will always remain evergreen items in Bengal and an USP of our shop. We take keen attention in making these vintage delicacies made of nolen gur so that the originality and the tradtional taste does not get deformed. Nolen gur is actually jaggery from the sap of date palm trees. It is a variety of natural sweetener that is only found in Bengal and still an unknown item to many. It has got much limitation because it cannot withstand higher temperature and therefore it is only available in the winters (superior varieties).
The signature item of our shop and the reason people refer us is the nolen gurer norom paker jalbhara sandesh with a filling of liquid nolengur inside. This divine sugar is a god gifted product to the Bengalis. People who have tasted once will never be able to forget the flavour and aroma of it.

             Quality sweets, affordable price and finally satisfactory service are our assurance. We quietly re-invent ourselves every day, shedding what is good for what is better. This we know is the route to ‘the perfection’. We conclude with a simple promise to ourselves that we will excel in whatever  we do. This commitment religiously followed, we are sure will take us to our goal.

Along with this the unique packaging has also drawn the attention of the mass.