About us

Established in 1885 Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is a sweet shop which is a class apart from other Bengali sweet shops in the city in its approach to sweet making. The modus operandi of our shop is inundated with modernity in our ideas, cooking method and the items that are offered.
Ganesh Chandra Mullick came over from Konnagar in Hooghly district to Calcutta around the year 1880 at the age of twenty. Having discovered a knack for sweet making very early in life, he came over to capital city to try out greener pastures and took up a job in a sweet in North Calcutta as a karigar (worker).Towards the termination of three years into that service, Ganesh Chandra Mullick made up his mind to have a sweet shop of his own. He took 450 square feet of land from the famous and wealthy Harlalkar family of Bengal on rent in Bhawanipore to start a hutment in which he would make and sell sweets. His decision to start a shop in Bhawanipore was a very business savvy one. North Calcutta was overcrowded as far as sweet shops were concerned. He wanted to start a sweet shop in an area where there was a scarcity of such shop and thereby, there would be less competition. Bhawanipore was such an area in those days- just developing, just expanding and full of trees and forest waiting to be cleared.

# Our present story

Ganesh Chandra Mullick began by making korapak sondesh and nolen gurer (jaggery) sondesh. It is difficult to imagine that the 1000 square feet shop in Poddopukur Road in Bhawanipore which today has air conditioned interiors, modern colourful decor, sweet and pastry counters, neat seating arrangements with bar stools and an LCD television on the wall that consistently display literature, picture and video recording of the catering services and activities that happen in the kitchen of Balaram's, was once just a makeshift hutment that survived only on the policy of counter sales with a tiny kitchen flanked on one side and heaps of coals stacked on the other side. But Ganesh Chandra Mullick's sweet making skills were appreciated by people around the area and when his name began to become widespread.

Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, who had an incorrigible sweet tooth, began to come over to confectioner's shop and developed a great affinity for his korapak guli sondesh which were made of nolen gur (jaggery). It is thus needless to point out that Ganesh Chandra Mullick's rise among the established confectioners of his time was a quick one because of two reasons : one reasons was his choice of locality for starting the business and second reason was his culinary skills that were appreciated above the other few sweetmeat shop around the area.

# New generation make it to new heights

Major changes and innovation in product and organisational decision is brought by Sudip since 2003. Extensive mechanisation of manufacturing process is also done by him which has led us to an expansion and increase in production thus creating more jobs and not decrease in labour heads. Moreover a great deal of help was provided by other family members to ensure smooth running of the shop. The women of the family never stayed behind. During the emergency period when milk was banned Radharaman's wife Shefalika helped a lot in preparing new sweets made of cashews and pulses, grinding them herself. The next decades saw the participation of Pradip's efficient and responsible spouse Aloka, and later Sudip's better half Priyanka who is herself qualified with masters in business joined the organisation to expand it to new heights.
With the passage of time the business has become a throbbing venture of five generations.

# New sweets inspired by your smile

From the inception we never settled for anything falling short of perfection. Slowly and steadily more professionals were brought in and a team emerged with sole objective to develop new tastes in sweets with expertise and cater to sweet loving people. Expertise matched with quality gave us a leading platform to take off the new heights. Kitchen and equipment's are upgraded periodically to meet the highest standards of professionalism. From raw materials to finish products, quality is checked at every stage with no compromise at all. Periodic Biological tests are done to ascertain the standard of quality and improvement required. Branded cooking mediums are used to avoid disappointment. Growing demands have inspired us to develop new sweets day by day.

Customer of different caste and religion with varying tastes and demands throng our sales' counters all through the day. To minimize disappointments we have introduced "Doorstep Delivery" systems for the customers who cannot make it to our showroom or who simply want our products delivered at their doorstep. Perhaps there are several other sweets' manufacturers in city which are as good as but chances are more that no one will give so much value for your money as we do at Balaram's. We understand your needs better and so we assure you of quality sweets at affordable price. We are regularly catering sweets to reputed Corporate Offices, 5 Star Hotels, Airlines, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Math, Ashram, Mandir and Caterers. We are thankful to our valued customers for their continuous support and understanding without which we couldn't have made it to the center of your thoughts today. We do not claim we are the best in the Industry, but definitely we are better than the rest.

# The best sweet shop

The legacy of Ganesh Chandra Mullick was carried forward by his brother Shree Balaram Mullick and his son Radharaman Mullick. Both of them worked very hard to create a place in the heart of south calcuttans. Quality and freshness was their only mantras. Balaram Muliick himself used to visit the suppliers and use to carry the raw materials to shop and then the cooking used to take place under his supervision. This freshness of all products taking place at sight of the sales made the shop much popular.
Pradip Mullick took over the business when he was only 17 years into his strong hands. It is only his strong will, dedication; decisiveness has moulded this organisation into what it is today. The urge of presenting something new came into the business since he took over. He is the main person who is responsible for shaping and reshaping again and again the business into kolkatas the best sweet shop 2009 and 2010 consecutively (as per times of india). His hard work behind building this business is incomparable and cannot be described in words. His brother Gautam who is 15 years younger to him and his well trained son Sudip helped him at a later stage.