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We have a rich catalogue of Classic sweets along with innovative forays into desserts and bakery.


A Sweet Ancient Name

The history of Bengali sweets is ingrained in its ancient name "Gaud Banga", derived from Gur (jaggery), a common element for making ancient Bengali sweets. The rich saga of early Bengali confectionary comprises of jaggery, milk, rice, mishri and coconut based sweets such as the still-popular Payesh.

Colonies and Cottage Cheese

The European colonisers, most notably the Portuguese, brought the culture of using cottage cheese (chhana/chhena) in sweet making. Previously, Bengal did not have a high regard for Chhena, made out of curdled milk.

Konnagar to Kolikata

Ganesh Chandra Mullick came to Calcutta from Konnagar in 1880. He worked as a sweet karigar in a North Calcutta shop for three years before setting up his own shop in Bhowanipore (South Calcutta) on a 450 sq.ft. land from the famous Harlalkar family.

Magic of Korapak and Nolen Gur

Ganesh Mullick's Korapak and Nolen Gur creations became famous in no time, with eminent academician Ashutosh Mukherjee becoming a great admirer of the Mullick's Nolen Gurer "Guli Sandesh". The tradition of Ganesh Mullick was carried forward by his brother Balaram and his son Radharaman, as the confectioners became famous for their fresh and quality sweetmeats.

Going to the top, the top, the top

Pradip Mullick took over the business at the tender age of 17 and worked his whole life to take the business to new heights, shaping and reshaping it to make Balaram's Kolkata's best sweet shop in 2009 and 2010 (according to Times of India).

Emergency and Innovations

Innovation has been a defining quality of Balaram's ever since the days of the Emergency when the women members of the family came forward to create sweets out of cashews and pulses when milk was banned.

Matching Highest World Standards

Sudip Mullick modernized Balaram's by introducing mechanisation and quality control in almost all aspects of sweet making, turning the process 100% pure and hygienic. The periodical upgradation of the kitchen and equipments meet the highest standards of sweet making worldwide.



Down the years, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick has been conferred with top laurels by many prestigious organisations for our rich legacy and continued excellence in the art of making sweets. This segment highlights some of the awards that have been bestowed on us.